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“What do you see?”

With many thanks to Schaudwen, for making this possible haha not even joking :I


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Title is a perfect fit for the determined resolve in Will’s face. And a classical music pun.  This I love. 



Here’s another piece inspired by nbchannibal, especially by the fifth episode, Mukozuke. It’s thrilling to see Will wearing that mask.

The title is an italian musical term that means “obstinate, persistent”, referred to “a short musical pattern that is repeated throughout an entire composition or portion of a composition”.

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every single one of these is priceless past the max

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Created by Fish Gilligan

Breaking Bad kittehs FOR THE WIN.

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ah that’s right, Will doesn’t know that Lecter fed his dogs some of that dubious sausage.  Poor doggies. Even they weren’t spared. 


Will Graham Journals

With the help of an anonymous person simply going by “The Samaritan”, Will is able to share his journals, drawings, notes, etc. Don’t ask how, The Samaritan is ever so secretive about it.

Will is struggling to maintain stability in the worst place possible for someone with his level of empathy. By connecting to the outside world (besides lawyers, doctors, and agents), he can keep grounded with reality. 


Visit willgrahamjournals

This is how I cope with the he-ate-us and writer’s block. It’s a pet project that is meant to kind of work like an Alternate Reality Game (ARG)/Interactive FF, where fannibals can interact with Will Graham (and hopefully other characters) in “secret” from Baltimore State Hospital for the Criminally Insane. It’s more of a writing/creative exercise for me, but it’d be great to connect with others to see how far it can grow organically. I’m following canon as much as possible and picking up the little season 2 tidbits we know are happening.

I don’t know where it will go, but there is a sort of story building little by little. I hope some of you like it :)

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#6 and 7 in the “Watch Every DVD In Here Project” - GOJIRA and GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN

# 6 & 7 in the DVD project: GOJIRA and GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN, taken out of order when Pippin Poppins declared yesterday to be Godzilla Day. GODZILLA RAIDS AGAIN (1955 - as old as me!) a/k/a GODZILLA’S COUNTERATTACK, which was released in the USA as GIGANTIS THE FIRE MONSTER as an attempt to pass it off as starring an entrirely new monster, is the 2nd ‘Zilla movie and I’m afraid it makes clear why the big guy didn’t get another feature till the 60s. It’s pretty much a drag, even with an adversary monster  - Anguiras - thrown in. Slow-paced and disorganized, it does unexpectedly touching character work with its cast, but Godzilla doesn’t even seem to belong in the film and the whole thing just grinds to a stop.  GOJIRA, however, remains a classic, dark, tragic and haunting, with a heart-wrenching performance by Akihiko Hirata as the brilliant, tormented and self-sacrificing Dr. Daisuke Serizawa.  Tying the folkloric past (dancers in tengu masks; the islanders’ story that ages ago human sacrifices were offered to appease the sea monster) to the terrifying nuclear present, much of it happening at night to bring the towering beast into and out of scenes from pitch blackness, it feels like a modern legend, and still resonates with power a half-century later.  It’s quite an experience to watch it followed by the American dub, GODZILLA KING OF THE MONSTERS (starring Raymond Burr!) and realize just what a trashed mess was all we got to see of this film for so long.image


#5 in the “Watch Every DVD In Here” project—AVALON

Here’s one I’m really glad I finally got to.  Mamoru Oshii’s “Avalon” (2001)—stark, haunting, gorgeous, fascinating, one of the best things I’ve ever seen about virtual reality game-playing worlds (and yeah, I watched Sword Art Online). A Polish/Japanese co-production (don’t see those every day), it stars the terse, intense Malgorzata Foremniak as Ash, a mercenary warrior in the black-market game Avalon, fighting her way toward the secret top level of the game while trying to unravel the mystery that tore her team apart. The plot uses the “who’s really running this world” mechanics that one expects of a story like this, the ending’s ambiguous, but what knocked me out was how great it looks.  The game world is shot in rich, moody sepiatones with deep saturation and beautiful compositions, and Ash’s daily life is in such subdued, underlit color that it’s actually a shock when she arrives in an upper level with normal daylight hues.  Perfect for a universe so built on warfare and intrigue.   I’m a fan of Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex but had never known Oshii had directed anything in live action before this - I hope there are more.

#4 in the “Watch Every DVD on the Bedroom Shelves Project” - GHIDORAH THE THREE-HEADED MONSTER

Ah, good ol’ “Ghidorah the Three-Headed Monster” (1964), the debut of my favorite Godzilla adversary.  Came to the USA in 1965 (that and a full-color Beatles movie the same year!  I was one happy ten-year-old!) with an oddball dub that changed Ghidorah’s point of origin from Venus to Mars, apparently just because Americans are more used to the idea of life on Mars than on Venus, and thus convincing me for years that nothing could possibly be cooler than a Martian dragon. *sigh*.   ==Tons of fun even now: so packed with plot, action, outlandish complexities and other monsters that I honestly don’t mind G3HM not even appearing till the one-hour mark.  And so many strong, responsible roles for female characters! the newspaper reporter, the princess-turned-prophetess from Venus, the fairy twins from Mothra’s island and even Mothra herself are pivotal characters whose actions drive the film.  Mothra-sama especially takes her first step toward the position of Goddess Guardian she’ll later inhabit, trying to convince the quarreling Godzilla and Rodan to fight Ghidorah on behalf of earth and then, when they refuse, bravely facing the dragon alone - though only in her larval form at the time! Her courage shames them into taking on the battle and of course G3HM is driven away to fight another day.   SO much fun. image

25 posts!  (and many many movies to go)

25 posts!  (and many many movies to go)

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